Camera Club Talks

Camera Club Talks

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Looking Local

As photographers we often suffer from “Locational Myopia”, constantly wishing we were in some exotic location with the best possible equipment.  In this talk, I detail my fight with locational Myopia and ways to overcome it as well as a personal journey to become a landscape photographer.


Features images from Roding Valley Meadows,  Epping Forest and The Essex Coastline.

Watch on YouTubeWrite up from Imagez Camera Club

London Light, London Life

Can you become an expert photographer in your lunch hour?  Many years ago I set about the task of improving my photography by practising every lunch hour.  Working in Central London offers me many opportunities to capture interesting images of the places and people of London.


Features Images from The London Light/London Life Project

Watch on YouTube, Write up by Mid-Cheshire Camera Club

Composition & Catastrophe

Two separate half evening technical talks, making for an evening where beginners and experts alike can learn (or be reminded) of something:

  • Considering Composition - we often hear talk of "The rules of composition", but what are those rules and should we ignore them ?  In this talk we explore the compositional tools we have available to us to make our pictures just a bit more interesting.
  • If you do one thing today - its a new digital world and yet not many of us stop to think how easily we could lose all our information.  In this talk we scare ourselves with tales of what could happen to our computers, photographs and information then look at ways to mitigate those risks.


My Camera

An odyssey through the journeys my camera has taken me on including:

  • Time Travel
  • Wet Pants
  • Drunk Mothers
  • and A tidy shed



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Just a brief note saying thank you very much for your presentation, ‘London Light, London life’ to us on Monday March 10th.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening with all of your interesting comments and not least the quality of your images that we found really inspiring.  
(London Light/London Life)
Chingford Photographic Society

We had one of the best evenings of the season so far with a talk by Chris Shepherd. Chris is one of our own members and in a short time has revealed an excellent photographic and lecturing talent. I am sure everyone that was there on Thursday will be looking forward to his next talk.
(London Light/London Life)
Harlow Photographic Society

Thank you so much for such an interesting (and inspiring) talk last night, I have already had really positive feedback from club members, am already looking forward to your next talk.
(London Light/London Life)
Edmonton Camera Club

Your talk was well received by all members - in fact I don't think so many people have said how much they enjoyed a talk as they did last night.
You'll be top of the list when I start work on the programme for Sept 2015 onwards.
(Looking Local)
Ongar Camera Club

I also wanted to say thank you so much for your presentation the other night, I have had some great feed back from people who have gone away inspired to look at what is under their noses and start taking pictures again. If you do any other talks please let me know as I am sure you would be a welcome return visitor.
(Looking Local)
Chigwell Camera Club

Many thanks for your excellent presentation last Wednesday evening. It was very well received by our members.
I am putting together the programme for next year and would like you to come along with one of your other topics.
(Looking Local)
Ware Photographic Society

I would like to thank you very much for such an amusing and interesting talk last night. It was good to listen to such an inspiring speaker. I know we all enjoyed it very much. Mersea Island will be awash with photographers!!!
(Looking Local)
Mersea Island Photographic Society 

Thank you so much for your hugely entertaining talk which we all thoroughly enjoyed and realised that you don’t have to travel far to get wonderful images.  I wonder whether you would be interested in a return visit..
(Looking Local)
Shilington and District CC

Many thanks for coming to give us such an entertaining and enjoyable talk last night at Ipswich. There was much discussing of it afterwards and people said how much they had enjoyed it, so you made a big impression!
(Looking Local)
Ipswich & District Photographic Society

Thank you for coming to Ely and giving your presentation Looking Local. It was a thoroughly entertaining evening and also very thought provoking. I have spoken with several of our members and they all agreed that it has given us all a new perspective on what is on our doorstep. Your images and delivery were both fascinating and enjoyable and with your sense of humour it made for one of the best evenings we have had this season.
(Looking Local)
Ely Photographic Club

A big thank you from Stevenage PS for a very entertaining and interactive lecture on Monday. Many members have told me how much they thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
(Looking Local)
Stevenage Photographic Society

I just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant presentation last night ~ it was really fantastic to look at parts of the City of London in ways I never saw when working there for many years. The feedback from members afterwards was buzzing and they really enjoyed it. A few are already planning another trip to London!
(London Light/London Life)
Tring & District Camera Club

Thanks so much for a very entertaining talk last night. From feedback I received, our members enjoyed it very much. I almost certainly will get back to you regarding your London talk for next season when I start working on the programme in the next month or so.
(Looking Local)
Melbourn & District Camera Club

Many thanks for giving us an entertaining and instructional evening last night.
As you know we had some new and prospective members with us and the first part
was particularly useful to them - and a good reminder for the rest of us.
The second part was useful to us all and some of us may yet come to be grateful in months to come
if the worst happens!
(Composition & Catastrophe)
Potters Bar Photographic Society

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