Lemon ~ Limited Edition Management ONline

Many photographers who produce Limited Edition prints of their work have developed ad-hoc systems to manage them.

Faced with the constant headache of maintaining what has been printed and sold, which numbers have been allocated, etc. I decided to develop a system to bring this under control. The current release features:

  • Keep track of editions and sales easily from one screen.
  • Block Allocate ~ reserve a group of prints for a particular customer.
  • Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Print Run ~ Mark a group of prints as printed and generate the appropriate certificates.
  • Sales reports.
  • AutoAllocate© ~ When creating an edition numbers can be automatically allocated.

This is free software. The only thing I ask is that you let me know if you use it. The reason for this is so that I can mail out notices of any bug fixes/enhancements to existing users as soon as they are spotted.
I like to keep track of the number of users out there. It's not much to ask is it?

Does it cost anything ?

Nope not a sausage. If you would like to donate a thankyou gift then please use the paypal button below and I will make sure all payments go to charity.

How do I use it

The Lemon user guide is installed in to the same directory as the software ( c:\Shepherdpics_Lemon\LemonUserGuide.pdf) or it can be read online here.

Where can I get support ?

Check out the users guide, if that doesn't help then simply contact me and I will see if I can help.

Whch version to Install

Most users will want the Standalone version though if you already have Microsoft Access installed onto your machine you can use one of the Access versions.

Installation instructions - Standalone version

  1. Install The Microsoft Access 2007 runtime
  2. Download this file.
  3. run the file and it will extract to c:\LEMONINSTALL
  4. Select Start run c:\LEMONINSTALL
  5. Double click on Setup.exe


Installation instructions - Access Versions

  1. Ensure that you have Microsft Access 2000 or above installed on your system.
  2. Unzip the Lemon.mdb file from the zip file and place in a directory of your choosing
  3. Double click on the Lemon.mdb file to run.
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